RegMol 5.1.1 Release Notes

RegMol is a molecule registration and assay database system, enabling scientists to register and track small-molecules, biologics and biological conjugates, storing and retrieving biological assay data. RegMol 5.1.1 includes following improvements and changes: Added HELM monomer manager and rule manager Improved HELM structure registration Added tabbed display of batch forms Added...
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5.1.0 Release

Scilligence ELN 5.1.0 Scilligence ELN is a completely web-based electronic lab notebook system for Chemistry and Biology. Scilligence ELN 5.1.0 includes following changes and improvements: 1. Redesigned graphical user interface 2. Ability to connect to Scilligence Assistant mobile app to scan barcodes and take pictures 3. Ability to capture real-time data from electronic scale 4. Drag-n-Dro...
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RegMol 5.0.1 Release Notes

RegMol 1. Improved search user interface (queries can be saved and re-run). 2. Improved Molecule ID generating mechanism 3. Improved web data visualization 4. Improved HELM editing for RNA and Peptide 5. Bug fixes
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