Integrated Informatics Platforms for Data Driven Discovery

Scilligence ELN – Cross-Platform Electronic Lab Notebook for Chemistry and Biology

RegMol – Cross-Platform Registration & Assay Database for Biologics, Small Molecules and conjugates such as ADCs

Scilligence Inventory – Cross-Platform Inventory System for Life Science R&D

Scilligence PMF – Project, Workflow and Customer-Relationship Management System for Life Science R&D

Scilligence SDMS – Cross-Platform Scientific Data Management System



DataMining1Intuitive and Powerful Tools for Data Mining and Analytics

Chrawler™ – Federated Search of Chemical Structures and Reactions of Unstructured Data

TouchMol4Office – Enables Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics in Microsoft Office

MedChem Suite – SAR Analysis and Visualization